PMP Exam Updates 2011

May 6th, 2011

Project management is a fast-paced industry which is constantly undergoing new changes. PMI publishes an updated version of the PMBOK Guide every four years to include any important updates and changes to project management standards. The PMP exam has also undergone many changes ever since it was released years ago. Now the PMP exam is being updated once again for the year of 2011. These changes will be taking place at the beginning of September so if you were planning on taking the test this year, it would be best for you to schedule a test for test date before that time.

One of the changes that has been introduced is the removal of the Professional and Social responsibility domain from the exam. Instead of being tested on that domain in a separate part of the exam, you will now find questions on that domain under all the domains in the test. Because of this change, the number of questions for each domain has changed. You can view PMI’s website to get the new distribution percentage.

These changes will cause a significant amount of the test material to change, which means you’ll be needing to buy some new PMP exam books that will have these changes in them.

There are some things that will not be changing, though, like:

  • the PMBOK Guide
  • the number and format of the questions on the exam
  • the application requirements
  • other tests from PMI
  • the PMP exam pass score
  • PDUs earning requirement

The best thing you can do right now is not panic and try to book an exam appointment as soon as you can. Practice as much as you can from now till the end of August and in the slight chance that you fail your test, you will unfortunately need to take a different test again.

Just don’t spend too much time “making sure” you’re ready for the test and end up not making it in time. As long as you believe you’re ready for the exam, then just go ahead and do it. Taking a 7-day PMP training bootcamp could also help if you need to learn a lot of material in a short time.

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